God Works in Mysterious Ways

  • GodGod seems to work in mysterious ways in my life these days. This is the busiest time of year for my family. Every day it seems like there is some activity that my husband and I are trying to rush our kids to, and there isn’t much room to relax and have some time to ourselves. That’s when I noticed that everytime it rained there were more and more leaks coming through the ceiling. We had someone come and look at our property, only to find out that we were going to need a new roof. I was extremely stressed by this, but after doing some research for a short time, God led me to Birmingham Premiere Roofing. They were quick, reliable, and affordable. I was so thankful I was able to find this company during such a crazy time in my life.

    I wanted to share this story because such a stressful event actually forced me to slow down a little bit. I was running around every day doing so much for my family, but I wasn’t even paying attention to them. I was just mindlessly going through each day trying to survive though all the chaos, but when I realized I needed to slow down and get the roof fixed, I started taking some time for myself. Instead of getting out of bed each morning and immediately rushing to get the kids ready for school, I would sit and read my bible. A few mornings after I began doing this, I randomly flipped to Jeremiah 2, and lines 25-35 instantly caught my attention. The verse talks about slowing down and taking a deep breath. I knew God was telling me that I was rushing through life way too fast. I was wishing away my days instead of enjoying precious time with my wonderful family. I have an amazing life, and it is important to be present each day, even through difficult times.
    God continues to amaze me on a daily basis. He always shows me how to take a negative situation and turn it into a positive. Who knew that a leaky roof would lead me to live a more happy life. So, whenever you feel like the world is coming down on you, and you feel way too stressed to handle it, take a minute and pray about it. God has a reason for everything.